We’re a family of beer lovers, world travelers, and Houston transplants.

We’re passionate beer nerds that answered a call to brew for Houston, Spring, and Conroe. For years Jess developed a stock of home brewing equipment while moving from coast to coast in the Navy, evolving his brewing skills from nose-pinching bad batches to delicious brews. He turned us into a beer family: Christina, his partner and recent beer convert, Alex, the equal opportunity beer lover, and Sydney, self-described beer snob with a soft spot for PBR.

Alex and Sydney didn’t grow up with a crawfish boil pot or a turkey frying pan in the front driveway — but the brew rig on Saturdays. Mixing the mash and throwing hops are just part of our family life; making and sharing good beer with friends is what we love to do.


How did we decide to open a brewery?

Jess & Christina spent 32 years in the Navy life and were looking for more fun at work. For military lifers, the best “retirement” means a switch to hard work on a passion. So, after 25 years of using home brewing as a hobby, they have brought the family together for a new adventure.

Alex has lived on three continents working in Oil & Gas construction, went to grad school, then decided that wearing suits everyday wasn’t for him. With experience managing international supply chains and a Rice MBA, we knew he could manage a budding business. This combined with an appetite for adventure, IPAs, and an enthusiasm for a challenge he was in for the long haul.

Sydney is a beer nerd with no patience for poor quality. Soon after graduating college, she followed Jess’s passion for beer by pushing herself through the ranks from brewery intern to Brewer in less than a year. She has since continued growing her beer knowledge and exposure by graduating from the American Brewer’s Guild Craft Brewer’s Apprenticeship and working in beer production facilities for the last 3+ years.

We are a family of extremely hard workers, dedicated to improvement: making better beer, providing a better experience, and forging a larger beer community. Welcome into the fold, into our Beer Family.