Opening Week @SYBC

Southern Yankee's opening week was the culmination of a full year's work.

The four of us (Jess, Christina, Sydney and Alex) have been working literally non-stop since June to get SYBC's brewery and taproom up and running. In just 4 months we took an empty shell of a building and turned it into a beautiful taproom and a productive little brewery.

Max 90 people
Southern Yankee Logo

With help from our fantastic marketing & design consultant, Gracie Padron, we were able to get our website up and running and our logo up on everything: Thanks Gracie!

The Gang

We ran right up to opening night with the construction--the underbar footrail wasn't installed until the day before.  It came out great considering it's made from salvaged fence pipe.  Huge thanks to everyone who came out, it was a phenomenal experience that taught us immediate lessons that we could apply the next day.

Example: Don't place your point-of-sale terminal between your glass washer and glass drying racks! You'll be dancing around each other all night.  The champion of the night was Joose Pop IPA, the taproom's clear favorite.

Steph & the Girls
The Rice Guys
Classy Rocky

We're already making new friends...the Southern Yankee Beer Family.

Mike & Gale
Nina & Brad

We're so incredibly blessed that the Houston beer community is enjoying our beers. With positive reviews like Houston Beer Scene's (link), Southern Yankee Beer is slowly creeping onto the map.  We can't wait to roll out the beers we have in planning, so stay tuned for new releases. Thank you all, and we'll see you in the SYBC Taproom!

Porter Family

P.S. Sometimes there will be silliness.

all hail

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